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Music Philosophy

In a World where we are confronted with so much adversities and challenges, sometimes those who are singing for us, can greatly push us towards becoming more or less. My goal is to become of value to anyone who finds some type of resonance with my sounds and levels of expression, HurtadO Music believes that we are all Artists and that if we are allowed to express with no levels of judgements, we can all contribute to one simple message, be conscious of what we Create, "we are all painters of Realities", with Love and all that belongs below it, Passion, Dedication and Honor to what we are meant to represent or become.


HurtadO Music is merely a conductor towards the obvious, not for the sake of himself nor others, its an expression towards what Ether (Higher form of self) represents, the way he presents it, is his acquired knowledge within his life span and forward.

Within an equation of Evolution, we must first align our fundamentals, then we can enter the dimension of movement for everyone involved within the equation itself.

HurtadO +

His work is constantly evolving, new presentation from his travels and teachings, sharing to his brothers and sisters. A new or old approach towards communication.


Like a Samurai with words and sounds, becoming the Sensei for many who are seeking transparent and neutral teachings.


Willemstad - Curaçao

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Professional Microphone with Pop Filter
Professional Sound Mixer
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Born on a Small Caribbean Island, HurtadO is his mother last name, and he honors her with his music.

His mother a Cancer patient who lost her battle when HurtadO was just a child.

He decided to learn about cancer development, (Transmutations) working along biologist from all over the World he discovered, our intentions feed our transmutations, our Bio-bodies has the ability to adapt to the choices.

By selecting non organic matter we boost our disintegration position, creating or activating two directions, one for growth and other for disintegration.

in other words we can stop the growth by making important energetic choices.

After visiting countries like, Spain, Honduras, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Los Angeles, New York, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, and many more, which he integrated to understand and truly feel how it is to be in that ecosystem.

As a Kid from an Island where the population is 150000, Limited by the lesser information and this was always a challenge.

These searches led him all the way to Cuba, where he decided to finalize his music self studies, which was activated at the age of 6 with the Lyrics of Tracy Chapman " All that you have is your Soul." The song that changed who he was at that age. Loosing his mother at 4 and reading the book of I-chi at 6, its clear, he understood things different.

After many years of trying to bring certain fundamentals forward to the World and failing to do so, he decided it was time to finish his Biggest painting, which has always been Music.

Inspired by the most influential Artist from John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Eddie Veder, Jim Morrison, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Metallica, The Ramones, WuTangClan, Nas, B-Real, Cypress Hill, Phsyco Real, Public Enemy, well the list never seem to end, Music has no specific value, the value is accepted by the listener.

32 years ago, Ish had made his first mixed cassette tape, he made it for his motocross training, to establish motivational points to enhance his training, a form of designed musical training program. Earning him many championships. So as you can see, music is in his Core of Fundamentals.

Creating awareness to entice into thinking or expanding levels of thoughts.

Music created using Quantum sounds, lyrics and form to express, so that those who are listening can enjoy the truths he brings forth with knowledge and flow.


HurtadO Music is an Artist at heart with the desire to see people more and more aware of Naturalistic and Alchemy truths, which he projects as a visual artist for his videos and sounds.  


Being a well rounded artist in many forms of expression, HurtadO elevates those who listen to his sounds, and hopes to share vital society messages with the collective souls living on this beautiful planet we call home.


For more then  20 years he has traveled and lived in many many cultures, learning their traditions and respecting their local sounds.


While today integrating these sounds into rhythms, messages, and many other Quantum forms of energetic frequency.


Like information that travels in and around us.


Thank you for your message

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