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History of HurtadO


Born on a Small Caribbean Island, called Curaçao, where he spend his early child years until he is moved to Venezuela, by his father, Venezuela the birth place of Carmen Felicia Hurtado.

Influenced by the early loss of his mother.


HurtadO was born after many many years of Ismaël adapting to his other birth country, the influence of the culture, language, family vales, ways to live by, parameters of the government, protests, lifestyle, and e truly rich cultural country which as written in history by the founders of his mother land, brought him closer to nature.


The influence of the mountains, rivers, indigenous heritages, social discrepancies, social distortion, economic state and many more parameters in which he was presented with as a child and immigrant with no understanding to the Spanish language, made him understand things different then many.

Autistic by default and bipolar by nature, as we all are.......his mastering the Arts of self has allowed him to boost further concepts and ideas which are trending before the trend.



The Concept

Music created with the intention to add imagination to daily issues both physically and energetically, using natural flow as expression to convey movement in one self and others.


For HurtadO the idea was to combine his rich influence in the Art of multiple expression, combining, visual thru words and rhythms.

For live events he plans to bring a unique way where the concept of Flor or Flux is present on all levels to expression.


Quantum sounds, lyrics and form to express, so that those who are listening can enjoy the truths he brings forth with knowledge and flow.

Essence to sounds

Hurtado is an Artist at heart with the desire to see people more and more aware of our Naturalistic and Alchemy roots, which he projects as a visual artist for his Artwork (Tattooish) videos and sounds.


After many years of working in the tattooing industry and observing people and their choices in life, he found meaning in understanding a collective situation of connectivity from our essence and spiritual backgrounds. Questioning more to what is known, maintaining his seek for inspiration and adaptation. Sounds come from nature before its alteration, and he thinks we can either reset to adapt, or reset to adapt and flow. sounds the same but with different causes and effect in its totality.


Being a well rounded artist and producer in many forms of expression, HurtadO elevates those who he works with on all Artistic spectrum's. His productions may vary from Techno to Salsa, from Spoken word to Rap, however he represents truth for direction, conscious rap or interactions, he educate, promote awareness of self and is an ambassador in the Art before the expression.

Many decades of musical distortion and confusion in duality has created many subcultures, from Brazil to Mexico, from Cali to NYC, Sweden to Germany and so forth, are the base foundations for any working stable society, and with his Art he travels to bring some answers to those who can not speak, hear or listen for themselves.

The Producing is essential in redirecting others to a higher state for self direction.

The Sounds

listen to his sounds, and hopes to share vital social messages with the collective souls living on this beautiful planet we call home.


For more then  20 years he has traveled and lived in many many cultures, learning their traditions and respecting their local sounds.


While today integrating these sounds into rhythms messages, and many other Quantum forms of energetic frequency.


Like information that travels in and around us.

Sounds for HurtadO are like people, all have values, numbers and names, some with titles and some free to be mixed with one another.

If you want to know more about his ways of translations, please write us in the comment section or just email

or check him on Instagram @tattooish hes always open to speak and do not use his status for anything other then creation of things.

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