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This song describes my roots in the world of Motocross and my trajectory within the ladder of this purpose, to become World Champion, a dream short lived by the death and life situation of my father. Nevertheless the dream is more present then ever, to grow, conquer and to elevate my own being to its own unique potential. Gas Gas means to pursue that for which u want to accomplish and never set your dreams aside for Woman, money, greed or prejiduce.

This Album was inspired by the roots of HurtadO on Curaçao, and current ongoing economical and fundamental separation to his friends and family, who still are feeling the causes and effect of old outdated ideals.

the concept of a Lion to boost ones focal point, after removing the lions negative condition.

Dushi mean many things from the heart, in this representation, HurtadO brings you to a local vibe structure, Roots from his Personality.

Dushi for all the good things in life, the dushi everything.

Yu di Tera, child of earth. The concept present by HurtadO is that we can learn to fluctuate among variables with the strength of re-adopting how we see life and our surroundings, motivating and encouraging strength and Peace. Our roots is our heritage and not a condition. your identity is yours and yours alone.

This Particular Album, speaks for his roots as islander and the "situation" among us as people and the differences that we encounter at our home island, many things would rather be unspoken, however for HurtadO that is not an option.

Check Point Neutral comes as he channels the energies in Amsterdam at the Rembrandt Square. Energies circulating to enjoy perspectives and all what happens within story lines. HurtadO inspired by others and the situations around it.

Transferencia as in exchanges within Paradigms and constructs for which we are either attracted too or pushed away from, a sort of energetic boomerang for which many families, friends and loved ones are conditioned today, As a native Islander from Curaçao, and a World traveler, always seeking to connect within the concept of self.

Piskado di Lus, translates into the concept that we are energy seekers within our own realities, seeking higher understanding within life and those who circulate with us, those who give us Love as a plus, and those who are judges among God like concepts, the Me concept where u are used and disposed when energies collide and release.

Paredez "Walls" and Sombras "Shadows" within the daily perspectives of rotation or life existence, where we are constantly presented with walls as point to witness and interpret like Graffiti artist who deliberately present levels to inner expression as an internal protest and seek to higher levels within knowing. Dancing among the concept of elevating....

Like Plus and minus, two face realities and the concept of duality all expressed in this track, and for HurtadO staying strong and surviving the obligations of a daily life, wife's, children, family, business and so fort, gives him the knowing of right and wrong, his own direction.

Affirm when u follow your own leads and perspectives, never influenced by those who only speak with no motives or like to entertain like clown.....this song reflects a local construct which is the causes and effect of previous mentions. Around the Globe the perspective is the same..

Circulo di amistad for HurtadO is what we all encounter as we grow in this reality, circle of friends who choose to seperate themselves when u are no longer needed.

Circles of life.....

Papiamanetu, our local language and a from of communication among a multi cultural island, rich in essence of words and participation, with meaning for the culture and balance within expression, cleaning the pronounce and giving tribute to. those who have adapted the language in our daily lives.

(8) Ball represents my roots in the world of Tattooing and permanent art for which among the World events, hold a key in maintaining ones expression and self identification in a World where duality or judgement has or was present on our island for decades, bringing a more unique way to interact with young, old and people of any sexual orientation and personalities. The Roots for and Tattooish

Currently we are working on new vibes and more perspectives....⚡️

If you like what HurtadO Music is doing, you can contribute to his work and automatically be one of the many people who co-sponsors his career, your contribution will be registered by us as (Silent) Investor, and in this option u will have first access to merchandise, artwork, events and more.


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Thank you in advance for believing in our work.

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